Four people from distinctly different backgrounds, Not to Reason Why came together much in the same way a riot evolves. Utilizing a variety of different influences, this foursome represents a fully loaded arsenal. They lure their audience into a relaxed malaise with pleasant piano riffs and encapsulates their souls with heavy rhythmic articulation and soaring guitar lines with some of the most intense post-rock stylings this side of Japan. This powerful quartet does not just captivate an audience; they clasp their very souls in a vice-like grip. When listening to Not To Reason Why, be prepared for utter destruction, where there is seemingly no outside world. Music, performed in this manner, represents more than just melodic sound. It is pure artistic expression, well worth checking out.

Lineup: Lauren, Navid, Ian + Paul

Side With Us Releases:

The Book of Hours 12" EP
(coming soon!)