3/4 of Sonoma County's resident upstart post-rock ensemble Not To Reason Why teamed up with Furlong front-man Eliott Whitehurst to walk an unfamiliar and wholly different path. Rarely does a band?s sound mirror its name so appropriately as Trebuchet. Much as this real-world instrument of destruction lofts deadly missiles into enemy defenses, the Sonoma-based foursome fires salvos of meandering melodies and intricate harmonies into the listener?s ear that cause bedlam in the brain. From the bouncy strum of the ukulele to the determined, relentless thumping of the kick drum, from the wailing cry of the mandolin to the sudden, crisp four-part harmonies, and from the intense, sorrowful phrases to the perpetual, dulcet tones of the piano, Trebuchet?s songs are sure to wash over you and leave a lasting impression. The sound is unique and particular, composed simply and totally for the sake of music, rather than the sake of the audience.

Lineup: Lauren, Navid, Eliott + Paul

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